Online Baccarat Overview

Baccarat is card game played in casino whereby the dealer normally deals three hands while other players bet that one or both of the other hands will win against the designated dealer’s hand. The popular variations of the game include: baccarat punto banco and baccarat banque. Strictly Punto banco is a game of chance therefore no specific strategy or skill is involved. The player’s moves are influenced or determined by the cards the player is dealt with by dealer. On the other hand in baccarat banque, both players have a chance to make choices, and therefore it allows strategy and skill to be utilized.

Baccarat is generally referred to as a game of comparison and is a card game which is played between two hands, that is: the ‘dealer’ and the ‘player’. in order to ensure safety in in online gambling, most casinos provide players with proof of security certificates, security guarantees and virus protection to increase credibility of game provider.

How to play Online Baccarat

Every single baccarat coup contains 3 possible outcomes: player has the highest score, dealer and the tie. Players have to choose whether to bet on the player, the dealer, or tie or on all three combined which is done through placing the playing chips on the marked sections on the baccarat table and finally by clicking the Deal button. The player chooses the amount to wager which ranges from $1 to $500 after which player and dealer receives two cards. The party with the highest total hand value automatically wins the game and where both are tied it’s often taken to be a loss unless in cases where the player has bet on a tie.

The total is arrived through the addition of the two cards in each hand. In cases where the sum of the cards reaches the double digit range, the value of the hand is counted from the second card only. The player is usually the first to receive cards and in cases where the sum of the two-cards falls between 0 and 5 he receives a third card. However in certain instances such as where the dealer’s hand value is 7, 8 and 9 a new card is normally drawn. The dealer will also draw another card if his or her hand totals is equal to 0, 1, 2, 3 and 6.

For the winner to be to found, the score of the player and the dealer are usually compared. The bets on the dealer and the player that have won usually pay 19 to 20 and 1 to 1 respectively and this happens even as a 5% commission on the win is deducted by the dealer. In case of a tie winning bets pays 8 to 1 and on events of ties, dealers and players bets push.

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Baccarat Terms

In order to understand baccarat game you need to be familiar with a few basic baccarat terms. Sometimes the terms will vary depending on the specific casino though there are certain universal terms that are found in every casino.

For instance, the language used in most of the casinos is quite different; the terms Player and Dealer refer to positions rather than the people who are placing the bets in Baccarat games. Punto Banco refers to a variation of the baccarat game played mostly in North America, and Australia places. The casino is mostly the dealer. A Croupier refers to an individual employed by the casino who is responsible for dealing the cards in the Baccarat games.

Casino Baccarat

The two principal bets made in a baccarat casino are either dealer or player which is also either as Banco or Punto. In various casinos the players are allowed to deal the cards to one another in turn while majority of them have casino dealers for purposes of dealing the cards. In the case of online Baccarat, the cards are automatically dealt by a virtual dealer. Each and every player together with the player dealing, may risk a bet either on the ‘player’ or ‘dealer’ but it in most cases the dealers bets on Banco.

Players are permitted to turn down dealing and instead, pass the Shoe to the subsequent player. So long as the bank wins, the shoe will remain with the same person and wherever Punto wins it proceeds to the next player.


A typical Baccarat Table layout