Online Craps Betting and Odds Explained

A typical online craps interface

A typical online craps interface

Have you felt the rush of adrenaline lately? Playing games online is not a hobby anymore; it is a passion for all people, the world over. Here you will find craps betting and odds explained and simplified for the average beginner. Shooting craps is not only an old sport (it has 12th century origins in Hazard the game played by crusaders — people termed rolling a two a ‘crab’ and this may explain the origin of the name craps) but very popular too. Players from every place on earth shoot craps and are familiar with the rules.

Playing Craps online

Visit the online casino and set up an account. This means writing your name and password for the account. Depending on where you are playing, the management will ask you to deposit money before you begin play. You can play the game without any money but it more thrilling when you play with money. First, let us discuss the game rules for those who are new at it.

Crap Rules:

This is a dice game and the number on the dice determines all the rules.

The Come-out Roll:

This is the first throw the shooter makes. If the number is either a 7 or a 11, pass-line bet wins. If it is a number between 4 and 10 (5 or a 9, an 8 or a 6) the pass-line bet loses. This number becomes the ‘point number’.

Point Number:

When you get the point number, the game continues. Players shoot or throw the dice until the shooter gets either the point number or the 7. If point number comes first, then the pass-line bet loses. If 7 comes first, then pass-line bet wins.

Don’t pass Bet:

This is the opposite of the pass-line bet. In this, you have the opposite outcome. If the shooter plays 7 or 11 then the don’t pass bet loses. If he plays a number 2 or 3, then he wins. This increases the chances of making money and makes the game exciting.

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Don’t come Bet:

The player places these bets after the first come–out throw of the dice. This is opposite of the come bet.

Odds Bet:

Once the shooter plays the come-out throw they set the odds for this bet. It wins if you shoot or throw a number from 4 to 10, both numbers inclusive. Once the player wins or loses the bet, the round finishes and the next one begins.

Begin to play

First choose an area of the table – either the field, the pass-line or the don’t pass line – before the shooter rolls the dice. Place the bets and then the game will begin. After the first come out roll, the player places further bets for the field and makes odds bet if he or she wants.

Choosing the correct Casino

Before you start, visit at least two or three casinos (, and and find the terms that are suitable for you. Some will need you to make a download, while others may ask for a deposit.

All casinos protect the privacy of the accounts. They will keep track of the progress each player makes. You can email Contact Us for further enquiries and help.

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